Mediwest Ltd is a consulting and services company with possibilities to supply to importers, bakeries and biscuits manufacturers quantities of almonds natural, biological and processed.

Our main markets are Europe and Middle East North Africa. 
We supply american and spanish almonds.
We can supply from :
  • USA
  • Spain 
  • Hambourg
We have always loads floating.

Available products and varieties :
  • Whole Shelled almonds
  • Organic almonds
  • Nonpareil
  • Carmel and Carmel type
  • California
  • Mission
  • Valencia
  • Guara
  • Largueta

All calibers are available.

Pocessed almonds :
  • Whole blanched almonds
  • Natural meal of almonds
  • Blanched powder almonds
  • Slices
  • Silvered
  • Dices